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In most countries that the virus has reached, there are changes to our service. We keep you up to date about the consequences for the Benelux and the rest of Europe. The corona crisis gives online shopping a boost. The map shows possible delays within the Netherlands.


In the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, all areas are accessible for the delivery and collection of shipments. There are a number of changes to our services because of the virus.

No COD and non-carriage paid

Sending cash on delivery and non-carriage paid (ex works) is currently not possible in the Benelux. We return these shipments to the sender.

Closed addresses

If you send a parcel to a business address that has been closed due to the corona virus, we will also return your shipment.

Collection of shipments

Collection of a shipment at a DHL Terminal is possible again in the Netherlands and Belgium. Other DHL locations in the Netherlands are closed for external visits.

Transit times in the Netherlands

Due to spring rush your shipment may be delayed. The delivery time to the Wadden Sea Islands is now 48 hours, because there are fewer boats travelling between the mainland and the islands. Texel still has a next day service.

Delays to Belgium

The delivery time to Belgian consumers is one to two days longer than usual. Our partner bpost is lagging behind in delivery due to the growth in parcels and the corona measures.

DHL ServicePoints

A lot is changing in our DHL ServicePoint network, such as closings and changed opening hours. If a parcel is on its way to a closed location, we try to drop it off at a different ServicePoint. Parcels delivered to a closed location will be returned to the sender. Check the opening hours before you visit any DHL location.

Extra hygiene measures
DHL signs for delivery

The virus normally does not spread via parcels and pallets, but the courier and ServicePoint employee are extra alert to all hygiene measures. For the time being, we will therefore sign for shipments that require a signature ourselves. We sign in front of the recipient. We also keep an appropriate distance following the guideline of 1.5 meters and avoid physical contact.

Spring rush

The corona crisis gives online shopping an extra boost, so volumes are even higher than in the busy December months. With an interactive map that will display forecast bottlenecks by color we will communicate the challenges of this rush period.


During the rush period, clear and transparent communication is critical, for both you and your customers. The parcel intensity map keeps you on top of the expected bottlenecks and possible delays. If you want to keep yourself even more informed, sign up for the "Rush Notification" – your daily update with the forecasts for the week straight to your inbox, Mondays through Saturdays.

Sign up for Rush Notification (only in Dutch)


Delivery in Europe
Changes to our services due to the virus

The changes in Europe differ per country. For the countries that are not in the list below business continues as usual. Border controls sometimes cause long traffic jams, which can delay a shipment. In most countries our courier signs for delivery in front of the recipient. Always check in advance whether your business recipient abroad is open.


If your business recipient is closed due to the coronavirus, your shipment will be returned to the sender. For parcels to consumers, there is a huge increase in volume. Together with the corona measures, the delivery time is at least one more day. We inform recipients of possible delays via track and trace.


In Spain it is currently not possible to ship to a DHL ServicePoint. Tip: Send the telephone number of the recipient with the shipment data for local contact. We make two delivery attempts to consumers. After the second attempt the parcel can be collected within ten days, otherwise it will be returned.

United Kingdom

Here, the receiver signs their signature on a piece of paper. The courier then takes a picture of it. When delivering to consumers, we ask for the addressee's name and take a picture of the house as proof of delivery. In order to offer the best possible service, we have extended our delivery window until 8pm and are delivering every weekend.

Poland and Czech Republic

We do not deliver to consumers on Saturdays and several DHL ServicePoints are closed.


The delivery of your shipments will be delayed with a few days. Do not ship to pickup points, these are closed. Include a telephone number in the shipment data for business recipients. We check whether the recipient is open for delivery. If a shipment cannot be delivered, it will be returned. It is currently not possible to send parcels longer than 120 cm or parcels that cannot be sorted automatically to consumers and business recipients. It is now possible to ship to certain Amazon locations again, but check if the chosen location is opened before shipping.

Always up to date

If you have any questions about changes to our services as a result of the coronavirus, please don’t hesitate to contact your account manager or our Support Department.

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